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Survival Water

Survival Water is something nobody can do without. Modern water filtration and purification technology ensure your water supply is safe to consume.
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Survival water is detrimental to your very existence. If you don't have it you will die, plain and simple. And if you wish to remain healthy, it must be clean.
There is a broad selection of water filters and purifiers available to us these days. Check out what we have here and choose those that will best fulfill your survival water needs.
If on short outings in country with sufficient sources of water like lakes and streams you won't need to be too concerned about carrying or storing survival water and might get by just fine with a small pump or filter of some type. Handy little straw filters are great for drinking right from the source, but even then it's a good idea to have a bottle or bladder along between sources. Some of the survival water bottles we offer you here have a filter built right into it.
Straws and pumps are great for hiking or traveling by boat or horseback, but when you get to camp at the end of the trail, fill a large gravity filter bag, stick the hose into another collapsible bag, coffee pot, cook pot or bucket, and you will have plenty of good clean survival water before you get done setting up camp. We never leave home without ours.
One thing often overlooked is that filters and their components are only designed to filter so much water. The manufacturers advertised rating is just an average estimate.The true volume of survival water a filter will effectively purify will depend upon how dirty water the water is, to begin with. Filters should be cleaned or replaced regularly and should be maintained according to the manufacturer's instructions.
If you are in dry, arid country, or If you are traveling by vehicle, you will want to have some means of carrying and storing survival water.
At home or at your bug location, your survival water storage is critical. In the event of a power outage, revolution, zombie apocalypse, or something of that nature, the more survival water you have stored away the better, especially if in an urban area.
Get your survival water filtering systems here today, and rest assured you are getting the best to be found anywhere, at a price you can afford.