Survival Water Containers

Special survival water containers are necessary for long-term survival water storage. Get containers made of or lined with food grade plastic here!
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There is a vast selection of survival water containers; ranging from aluminum boy scout canteens and water bottles to tanks which hold hundreds of gallons. You won't find 100-gallon tanks here, but you will find the best survival water containers available that are designed to meet and even surpass all your outdoor adventure and survival needs.
Our survival water containers are made of or lined with safe, non-toxic food-grade plastic, or aluminum or stainless steel. Canteens and water bottles are pretty much a necessity for hikers, backpackers, hunters, fishermen, bird watchers, campers, bikers, or anyone else that won't be near clean drinking water for a couple hours or more. Staying hydrated is one of the easiest things to do with adequate survival water containers and filters. Becoming dehydrated will lead to muscle cramps, damage to your kidneys and other internal organs and can be deadly.
The water bottles here have a filter built into them so you can fill and filter in seconds on the go. Even if you carry a survival water filtration straw or similar device, it's still a good idea to use survival water containers just to be safe.
In camp, you will want to use larger survival water containers. Collapsible plastic jugs and buckets work well for general consumption and cooking needs. The Katadyn gravity flow camp bags are perfect for camping. They serve as fairly good-size survival water containers that filter quickly as well. Our largest collapsible container filters its own water and holds up to 60 gallons - great for family or group campouts.
It is most important that you have a good amount of survival water in storage at home or office too. If you rely on city water or an electric well pump, you are at the mercy of fate. Don't be caught unprepared! there are many survival water storage solutions available. Many you will find here like the stackable water cubes work great. We don't stock large potable water barrels due to the cost of shipping, but they are readily available at most farm and ranch supply outlets at very affordable prices.
Check out our selection of survival water containers. You will not find better quality combined with free shipping anywhere! Thank you for shopping SurvivalGearShack.com for all your survival gear!