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Survival Tools

Survival Tools are a necessity for any outdoor outing. If you have right tools for the tasks you face, you will save time, energy and frustration.
The Survival Tools you choose to include in your survival kit or warbag should be of the highest quality you can find and afford. You will find these here at SurvivalGearShack.com.
The survival tools you will find on this page are, with a few exceptions, are primarily cutting tools and muli-tools that include a blade of some sort.
A good solid knife or two is mandatory. These survival tools you cannot do without. The types and styles you choose are up to you. For long term and/or extreme survival conditions, a large "Rambo" style survival knife is probably your best choice. If just going on a day hike or a one or two-night camping trip in familiar territory with good weather forecasted, you may be just fine with the blade in your multi-tool. Even then it's a good idea to have backup survival tools in the event of loss or breakage.
Wood cutting survival tools are great to have along for cutting firewood, logs, limbs, and poles for building survival shelters and useful primitive camp furniture like a rack for drying wet clothes and gear, a wash stand, tables, chairs and benches and such, adding to your comfort and survival.
A good quality axe can be either one of your most valuable assets or your biggest safety hazard. A single bit axe makes a better survival axe than a double bit, which is more efficient at cutting large logs, as they are safer to use and can double as a hammer.
Among your survival tools should be a saw of some type. Saws come in a variety of sizes and styles and are very efficient for cutting poles and smaller logs. Even if you have an axe, it is still a good idea to have some kind of saw as well. A folding saw is light and takes up little space. A cable or chainsaw type saw weighs only ounces and take up no room at all.
Some multi-tools are great all around survival tools. The most commonly used of these are the leatherman style. There are lot's of other different types of multi-purpose tools that combine a variety of features.
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