Survival Tents

Survival Tents are the foundation of your survival gear pack. Ours are built for reliable recreational comfort and shelter, and emergency survival.
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Survival Tents are the foundation of your survival gear pack. Ours are designed and built to provide reliable recreational comfort and shelter, and emergency survival to you and your loved ones.
Obviously, in harsh inclement weather, you gotta have survival tents. The protection from wet, cold, windy conditions can truly save your life, or at the very least spare you misery and discomfort. Our survival tents are built to do that.
Even in summer time with good weather in the forecast it is a good idea to have one along whether you plan to sleep in it or not....plans change. Not only will a tent offer protection from weather elements, but from insects, rodents, bats and the like. Sleeping outside on the ground staring up at the stars sounds good and all, but not fun at all if the mosquitos and no-see-ums are bad. Burrow down in your sleeping bag can be unpleasantly hot on a summer night. You can pull the fly off your survival tents and stargaze in comfort. In the buff even if you so desire!
Survival tents are great for concealing your gear and belongings before heading out on that day hike or fishing. Most folks will not approach and enter a closed up tent, but some may be tempted to walk off with something they see that strikes their fancy. It is not uncommon for coolers of food or beer, and valuable gear to be stolen from unoccupied camps.
The larger survival tents are great for families and other groups. Perfect if you want to sleep on a cot, tall enough to stand in, and lots of room for people and gear.
The roomier the better, but the downside is the weight and bulk of the larger ones, which might not be a
factor anyway if camping by or not far from a vehicle. Some of the larger ones will weigh 30 pounds or more, which is not bad for the service the offer.
Whatever kind of tents you are looking for, you are sure to find it here. If not, drop us a note and let us know what you would like to see on our shelf, and check back regularly, as we are always adding to our inventory. Thank you for shopping our survival tents we ship free!