Survival Stoves

Survival Stoves of some type belong in your gear bag or pack. Even if planning to cook over a fire, bring a stove and be prepared for the worst.
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Good survival stoves are mandatory survival gear items. Never be caught without one. Even a can of Sterno and a coffee can might do in a pinch or for just a night or two out.
Folding pocket size survival stoves that heat with Sterno, wax, alcohol, kerosene or solid fuel pellets can be easily and, if precautions are taken, safely operated in a tent or other shelter. The best use for this basic stove is simply heating water or soup, and small pieces of food or meat can be heated or cooked over the small flame using a stick or fork. Although these types of survival stoves produce a small centralized flame, they will generate enough heat inside a small tent to survive even sub-zero blizzard conditions. These are great emergency survival stoves that have contributed to the survival of a countless number of people.
A flat stainless steel grill over a campfire works wonders if it's not raining or blowing too hard. Portable wood burning survival stoves are great for outdoors. These can be as basic or fancy as you wish. Providing you have an ample supply of dry wood available, the time and proper tools to cut wood to fit the stove, this might be your best choice. If no wood or other burnable fuels are available, or if regulations prohibit the use or you don't want your location given away by the smoke - not a good choice.
Survival stoves that burn propane or liquid gas are much more efficient; the latter being preferred. While propane/butane blend fuel canisters are quite handy and maybe suitable for short term camping, there is a downside. One downside is the size of the canister compared the amount of use you will get from it, and it does not work very well if at all in cold weather. Canisters are more prone to fuel loss due to loose worn out or damaged components, and operating costs are a bit more than liquid fuels. And, you must pack out your empties.
Liquid fuel survival stoves are by far the most reliable cost and energy efficient types available. The higher-end multi fuel models are hard to beat. Liquid fuel survival stoves put out more btu's for the buck, and performance is not affected by extreme cold or high altitude.
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