Survival Sleeping Gear

The Survival Sleeping Gear we offer is designed with your comfort, safety, and survival in mind. Shop for yours here today and enjoy free shipping!
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Thank you for shopping here at SurvivalGearShack.com for your survival sleeping gear.

We have our survival sleeping gear broken down into three separate categories, listed in order of importance: Sleeping bags, bivy bags, and cots.

We do not have a separate category for emergency survival sleeping gear items such as space blankets, but you will find those items in our sleeping bag category.

There are many factors you should consider before purchasing survival sleeping gear. As with many things, "one size does not fit all". Here are a few things to consider as you browse our collection:

Survival sleeping bags come in different lengths, widths, and shapes. You should select the one you will fit into comfortably, but try to avoid getting one much larger than you need, to reduce weight and size. Mummy shaped bags are the most compact, and popular among backpackers, river floaters, or anyone concerned about weight and space requirements. The only down-side to mummy shaped survival sleeping gear is that some folks find them a bit constrictive. Rectangle survival sleeping bags offer more room to toss and turn and most can be zipped together with another to make one large double-size bag. These bags are more popular with car and rv campers.

The weather and temperature range you expect to encounter while relying upon your survival sleeping gear is something to think about. Most manufacturers will include a temperature rating in the description of a survival sleeping gear bag. For comfort, It is a good idea to choose one rated for at least 20 degrees colder than listed. Stick to synthetic fill rather than down, unless the shell is waterproof or you plan to use it inside a tent or bivy bag where there is no chance of it getting wet. Wet down will not keep you warm when wet, while most synthetic insulation will for the most part.

Survival bivy bags can be life-saving in cold damp conditions if you don't have access to shelter. They will keep you dry and reduce the loss of body heat. Breathable bivy bags are the most comfortable as they allow moisture perspiration to evaporate rather than trap it inside with you.

Though cots are not typically considered to be survival sleeping gear, they do have their place. You will benefit not only from the comfort but added warmth as well, which will help ward off hypothermia. If you are not greatly restricted in weight and space available you might want to consider adding a cot to your survival sleeping gear list. Some cots are even designed for backpacking to break down into a small light weight pack.

Thank you again for shopping survival sleeping gear here at SurvivalGearShack.com.