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Survival Shelter

Survival Shelter might mean to some folks, snow caves, and pine bough huts.  Not us. We'll bring our survival shelter along and survive in comfort!
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Your survival shelter is vital to your survival under adverse conditions. You absolutely must have the means to stay warm and dry. Get your survival shelter here today and survive your next outing in comfort.

Most of us know what hypothermia is, but few, perhaps, realize that hypothermia can occur in temperatures as warm as 70 degrees if it is wet and windy. A good survival shelter will protect you and your gear from the rain and the wind, and help retain your body heat.

Survival shelter can be anything from a hole in the ground to huts built from wood and other vegetation, to space blankets, to tents to underground fortified concrete bug out shelters.

As we have not figured out to ship underground fortified concrete bug out shelters, and don't think it possible to make a profit assembling and shipping wood and vegetation hut kits, we will limit our offering of survival shelter to space blankets and tents. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Our survival shelter is divided into two categories: "survival tents" and "best survival tents". They could better be described as those over 10 pounds, and those under 10 pounds (best), but google didn't like those category titles very well.

That being said, we do believe the best tent for true survival shelter should be small and light enough for you to comfortably carry with you anywhere you want or may be forced to go. We figure 10 pounds to be the extreme maximum for most people, 5 pounds is even better to lighten the load or make room for other survival gear. This is particularly important in bug-out situations when you have to cover ground or maybe even run for your life. A smaller survival shelter will better help retain your body heat than a large one.

The rest of the survival tents we offer are all over 10 pounds. These make for great survival shelter for camping, long-term base camp, car and boat camping or bug out by vehicle, what have you. These larger tents are great for family survival shelter and allow you to keep more, if not all of your gear inside with you. These tents are considered to 3 season tents. they are not the best for winter.

You can easily survive winter conditions in a 3 season tent, and you could possibly modify some of the taller ones to vent a wood burning stove or fireplace, but ideally, if at all possible you will survive comfortably under nearly any conditions with a wall tent and wood burner.

If you actually read through this whole thing, you deserve to get your survival shelter shipped free!