Survival Multi Tools

The Survival Multi Tools we offer are a collection of various survival tools useful for everyday tasks and great for emergency survival situations.
The Survival Multi Tools we offer are a collection of various survival tools that serve multiple purposes. Some you may find so useful you will carry it with you everywhere you go, such as the common "Leatherman" or "SOG" type multi tools we are all familiar with and probably have on our belts right now. Others might only be useful in emergency survival situations. We try to offer as wide a variety of good quality survival multi tools for you to choose from. Please browse around and compare all the different tools and their uses. You are sure to find just the right survival multi tools you are looking for.
Some Survival multi tools are small enough to add to your keyring or the size of a credit card, but have several functions, such as The "Survival Card 1" which contains a serrated knife, a magnesium fire starter, signal whistle, 8x power lens, compass, tweezer, and toothpick - that's a lot of tools for such a small package!
The most commonly used survival multi tools are the Survivor Outdoor Gear / Leatherman style which features a plier/wire cutter, one or more blades, two or more sizes and types of screwdrivers and a can opener, and any number of other features. Most of these will come with a sheath to be worn on your belt. Regardless of what other types of multi tool you use, this is one type you simply must have. Pick one up today and give it a try and you will see why.
Other handy survival multi tools are those including hex head wrenches or sockets, a light, web belt cutter, or can even be used as a prybar. A folding shovel always comes in handy, especially if it has a saw incorporated into the handle, as does a cane or walking stick with a knife or even a sword concealed within.
There are many different sorts of survival multi tools, some more useful than others, but all are good quality products, not cheap imitations. Check out our selection; if you find something you like we will ship it out right away at no extra charge - the price you see is the price you pay, no hidden cost.
If you do not see what you are looking for, please check back regularly, as we are always expanding our inventory. You may also send us a note to tell us what you would like to see on our shelves, and we will see if we can find it. Thank you for shopping SurvivalGearShack.com, we appreciate your business!