Survival Machetes

Our Survival Machetes come in a variety of sizes, blade designs, and metal compositions. Read below for tips on selecting the right blade's for you
We love survival machetes! A good machete is so useful for many heavy duty jobs and makes a great weapon as well. We have a great selection of survival machetes to choose from. We hope you enjoy browsing through around and comparing the different features of each; we are confident you will find what you are looking for.
Survival machetes are available in a variety of different blade designs to suit different uses and personal preference. You might want a couple of different survival machetes to properly cover all the bases.
The cost of machetes is wide-ranging; it may be less than $20, or several hundred dollars. The huge difference in price is largely determined by the quality of the steel of which it is made.
That does not necessarily mean you need to spend big bucks on this tool. Most of us will do just fine with economy priced survival machetes, as they will serve most our needs adequately.

Most of these lower-end blades are made of stainless steel, which is a bit flexible, which is nice, as it will bend without breaking in half. A nice advantage to stainless steel is; it is a mild steel that is easily sharpened to a razor's edge. The disadvantage to this is, it will not hold it's edge very well, which means you must sharpen it more often. Damage to the blade edge if you hit a rock will also be more significant than to the edge of a harder metal such as high carbon steel.
The higher the carbon content of the steel, the stronger it is, generally speaking. The methods by which it is forged also determine the strength. A high-carbon steel will hold it's edge well and take more abuse, but it is harder to sharpen. It will also be thicker, as it will not have as good flexibility, but inertia from the extra weight is helpful for chopping.
The very best of high carbon steel survival machetes may cost as much as $1,000, but you can get a very good one for under 100, or even 50 bucks. The handles on the more affordable ones sometimes are not the most comfortable, but the handle can be wrapped with paracord, leather, rubber, tape, what have you. This will reduce the chance of getting blisters and aid your grip. Survival machetes should also have a wrist strap or loop to prevent you from losing your grip and throwing the blade at your wife or best friend.
If you have never used survival machetes, you have been depriving yourself of a very valuable outdoor tool and self-defense weapon. Buy yours today and be prepared for anything!