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Survival Lighting

When you shop here for your survival lighting, you know you're getting the most reliable American made lights for all your survival lighting needs.
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When thinking of survival gear, survival lighting is most likely not the first thing that comes to mind. Here at SurvivalGearShack.com, we know from experience just how important survival lighting can be.
Aside from the convenience of the ability to see at night or in dark spaces, and the resulting "comfort" factor gained, your safety, and in some cases, your very life may be dependent upon your survival lighting.
Here at SurvivalGearShack.com, our survival lighting is divided into 3 categories: headlamps, lanterns, and flashlights. Each type of light serves its own purpose.
At least one good quality headlamp is a must for everyone's survival kit. If you only have one survival lighting tool in your kit, this should be it. And don't forget the batteries, or maybe check out our rechargeable headlamps.
Lanterns are a great addition to any survival kit. There are many varieties of lanterns. Available in many sizes and styles, lanterns may be battery-powered or rechargeable, or burn gas, kerosene, propane, oil or wax. A good lantern is nice to have around the house when the power goes out.
A hand-held flashlight should be included in your kit as well. In many situations, they are more suitable survival lighting tools than lanterns or even headlamps. Searching for things on the ground, following a blood trail, or keeping a low-profile and being less visible to others are easier with a flashlight. Consider a smaller size flashlight for pocket or belt sheath carry and a larger, more spot-light type for home or base camp.
Tactical survival lighting flashlights are often built a bit tougher and may double as a weapon or glass breaker. Some are capable of being mounted on a gun, be blindingly bright, or have a disorienting strobe. In the case of civil unrest, zombie apocalypse, or something of that nature, your tactical flashlight may be the most effective self-defense tool you have. Include a tactical flashlight to your survival lighting kit today!
With our large selection of survival lighting products, you are sure to find what you are looking for. If not, check back regularly, as we are always adding new products to our collection. And don't forget - we ship free!