Survival Lighting Headlamps

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Survival Lighting Headlamps are a very important survival gear item everyone should have at hand. You may be surprised how often you will use survival lighting headlamps in your everyday activities if you have one handy.
Survival lighting headlamps are a must on camping trips or overnight hikes. If you have ever been caught in the dark on a pitch black night in rough, dangerous terrain, you understand just how important they can be. Under those conditions, survival lighting headlamps will help you avoid obstacles and hazards, and can even save your life.
A really great thing about headlamps is they are one of the most affordable survival gear items you can own. Here at SurvivalGearShack.com, we have headlamps to fit anyone's budget.
Many survival lighting headlamps have multiple bulbs and adjustable brightness levels. Some may have an adjustment to range from a pinpoint beam to a large area flood beam. Some lights sport incandescent bulbs which cast a warm yellowish beam. Popular these days are the extremely bright LED bulbs which cast a cold, very bright white light. Others may have different colored lights such as red or green. Some headlamps may be equipped with all the above.
Most survival lighting headlamps utilize an elastic band that you wear around your head, with or without a hat. Some lights will even clip onto the brim of your hat. Others can be mounted on a helmet, or even be built into a helmet.
Not too many years ago, survival lighting headlamps were big, heavy and bulky. Many of them required a
battery pack to be worn on your belt, or a shoulder sling to carry it. These days most survival lighting headlamps operate on AA or AAA batteries or compact rechargeable batteries.
With all the different types of survival lighting headlamps available today, you are sure to find one to suit your needs here at SurvivalGearShack.com.