Survival Lanterns

Survival Lanterns may not be the most important tool in your kit, but they do have a place in your gear bag; for convenience, comfort, and safety.
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Survival lanterns may not be the most important tool in your kit, but they do have a place in your gear bag; for convenience, comfort, and safety.
Most likely, a lot of people have never even considered a lantern to be a survival tool. We believe that lanterns do deserve to be called "survival lanterns". Allow me to enlighten you. Pun intended.
For all around camp lighting, survival lanterns truly shine! For better safety, hang a lantern or two above head level and illuminate the whole area, not just what you are looking directly at with a headlamp, or pointing at with your hand-held flashlight.
If you have ever shared a camp meal with, or stood or sat around chatting and socializing with a few buddies, all wearing headlamps, all of them turned on? Every time you look at each other you are nearly blinded! Lanterns are by far the way to go here.
Even backpackers can enjoy the benefits survival lanterns provide, as there are some that weigh only a few ounces and very compact, requiring little room. some are folding or even collapsible with a credit card size solar panel built in, to power it. These smaller pack lanterns are great to illuminate the interior of your tent.
Battery powered and rechargeable type survival lanterns seem to be the preference of a growing number of outdoor lovers. And for good reason, as they are efficient extremely easy and convenient to operate, and are very affordable. Check out our selection of electrical powered lanterns and you will see why we like them.
The old standby liquid gas lanterns are hard to beat. The hiss of the old Coleman gas lantern is a fond comforting memory for many of us. Very reliable with a little common maintenance, it is the living epitome of survival lanterns, preceded only by the old kerosene lamps which have their place and useful function, as do oil and candle lanterns. Propane lanterns are ok for a night or two camping at the lake during summer, as they are very convenient and easy to operate, but not as reliable as others, and are nearly useless in cold temperatures. A valuable benefit of flame producing lanterns is the heat given off. These type of lanterns can help keep you warm, and with a little creativity, you can even cook over it!
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