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Survival Knives

Shop our survival knives for dependable, functional blades produced by the brand names you can trust. Large, small, fixed or folding. Get 'em here!
Looking for survival knives? Look no further. Our blades are dependable, functional and well built by the brand names you can trust. Fixed or folding blades, large, small, and everything in between. Here in our huge selection of survival knives, you are sure to find the ones that are right for you.
What, exactly, are survival knives? In our opinion, any knife you have on you in a survival situation deserves the title. True survival knives are the big fixed-blade military "Rambo" type. These are tough, heavy duty multi-purpose blades that are super tough and built well for extreme use and abuse. Some feature "hybrid" blades which may be serrated on the lower third to half of the blade and straight edge from there to the tip and the backside might have a coarse toothed saw for half to three-quarters of the length, may have a wire cutting groove built in, and perhaps even a sharp edge for part of the length. Some have hollow handles to store emergency survival items such as suture and thread, water purification tablets and waterproof matches. A small compass built into the handle cap is nice to have as well. The bigger and heavier the knife, the more uses you may find for it. These are capable of chopping down small trees.
The survival knives of this type we like best are produced by the best brand names in the business, such as Ka-Bar: famous for their lines of fighting survival knives, Buck, Ontario Knife Co., Cold Steel, and Boker, to name a few. These are great blades for true extreme survival conditions. but perhaps may be a bit more than required for most situations. Smaller knives, whether fixed blade or folding, often times are the better, more practical choice.
Small pocket knives and swiss army type knives are great too for many tasks. It's always a good idea to carry a pocket knife in your pocket. If it's always in your pocket you will always have it when you need it.
For all around practicality and usefulness, a folding multi-blade knife with at least three-inch blades is hard to beat. Though they may be carried in your pocket, it is usually best to carry it in a belt sheath.
We also have lot's of survival knives intended for self defense and combat situations. These will truly shine when the proverbial doo-doo hits the fan. Natural disasters, civil unrest and upheaval, a zombie apocalypse and such will turn people into animals, forcing them to do things they would never think of otherwise. You will want to be prepared for these things with the best self defense equipment you can find.
You will find the best survival knives here at SurvivalGearShack.com. Order yours now and enjoy our streamlined checkout and free shipping!