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Survival Food

We sell only the best Survival Food available. Prepared and packaged here in the U.S. by brands you can trust for the nutrition you need to survive
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Here at SurvivalGearShack.com, you will find the highest quality survival food available.

The survival food we sell is prepared and packaged by reputable U.S. brands you can trust for the nutrition you need to survive.

Although maybe not as delicious as granny's home cooking, survival food entrees, desserts, and snacks are tasty and highly nutritious and belong in everyone's survival kit.

Most survival food is dehydrated or freeze-dried, making it lighter and less bulky than foods prepared at home. This makes it a perfect choice for backpacking, canoe trips, emergency bug out, or any other occasions when weight and space are limiting factors.

Survival food is by far the best choice of food to store in bulk at home or in your bug out location in the event of civil unrest, natural disaster events, a zombie apocalypse, or what have you. Most survivalists and preppers would agree it is a good idea to store at least six months supply of survival food and water per person. Remember Hurricane Katrina?

There are many varieties of Survival Food entrees, desserts and snack bars. You even have a choice of regular, gluten- free, vegetarian, or high protein foods. You may stock up on specific items individually or as variety packs. Variety packs are usually packaged and sold as survival food kits.

Survival food kits are available in many different combinations and configurations. They are also designed for specific durations for a specific number of people.

Stock up on your survival food here today, and not just survive, but thrive!