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Survival Food Kits

Survival food kits are convenient and make it easy to select, organize, and store your survival food. Kits available in boxes, buckets or backpacks
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The Survival Food Kits you find here in the Survival Gear Shack are of the highest quality available. The advanced freeze dry methods used to prepare, process and package the food contained within these kits retain all the nutrients, minerals and flavor of the food. Survival food has a shelf life of up to 25, even 30 years, making it the perfect choice for long-term storage of an adequate supply of survival food in the event of emergencies such as natural disasters and power outages, civil unrest, or even a zombie apocalypse.
Freeze-dried survival food requires far less room for storage, and is much lighter than MRE's or C- Rations. Freeze-dried survival food kits are perfect for backpacking and long distance trekking, and multi-day canoe or rafting trips.
Pre-assembled survival food kits contain a wide variety of food and food combinations for you to choose from. Survival food kits are usually designed for a specific number of hours or days, and numbers of people.
Survival food kits are either boxed or packed in plastic buckets, which is a nice choice to have to best utilize your storage space. Many of our survival food kits are assembled in a backpack with other essential survival gear. These are perfect emergency bug-out bags.
With all the different options available here, you are sure to find the survival food kits you are looking for.
Kits may be combined, mixed and matched with other kits to tailor survival food kits to your specific requirements, without the worry of miscalculating, forgetting or leaving behind some important food item.
Whether you just want to be prepared for emergencies, or wish to pack light, you will find the best survival food kits here at SurvivalGearShack.com, and there are no extra charges for shipping!