Survival Cookware

Survival Cookware may not be the first thing you think of regarding survival gear, but these are valuable tools that you need in your survival kit.
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Survival cookware can be anything from a coffee can to an elaborate high-quality mess kit capable of kicking out five-course meals, and breakfast too.

The extent of your survival cookware kit should be determined according to the extent you might or will be using it. If you are just hiking in a few miles to spend a night or two at a high-mountain lake or stream in summer-time with mild weather forecasted, seriously, a coffee can will work just fine - and it costs nothing. If you plan on fish for evening meals, a coffee can will hold nearly all your other food items and makes a great pot to boil water, heat soup, make oatmeal or coffee, etc. A tip to the wise: Don't forget to throw a couple cans of tuna fish in your pack in case the fish aren't biting!

That being said, most of us most of the time require or simply prefer to include more than just a coffee can in our arsenal of survival cookware. Here you will find a wide variety of survival cookware kits to choose from.

The absolute best survival cookware for cooking over a campfire or stove is cast iron. Wonderful for home or camping from a vehicle, or even pack stock in the backcountry, but not great if you must carry it on your back, boat or bicycle. Cast iron heats more evenly and consistently than other metals. You will really notice a difference if cooking over a stove with cast iron survival cookware.

Fortunately, there are suitable alternatives to cast iron that weigh much less and work just fine. Modern survival cookware designed to be easy to transport is made of aluminum, stainless steel, or even titanium.

Survival cookware kits are available in several different configurations and are designed to be stacked and packed together in a convenient, compact and lightweight kit you can pack with you anywhere your adventure takes you.

Get your survival cookware here today and enjoy the ease of cooking on your next outdoor adventure. Don't settle for simply surviving, but survive comfortably and thrive!