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Survival Cooking

The survival cooking equipment here is dependable and built to perform when you need it. These stoves and cookware make survival cooking a breeze!
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Survival Cooking is really any cooking you are doing outdoors or even indoors without the use of modern electric or gas household appliances. Survival cooking may simply be roasting a chunk of meat or fish over an open fire or as easy as just heating water. But what if it's pouring rain or snowing sideways? Not such an easy task. An adequate survival cooking stove and cookware will help you stay well-fed and save you lots of frustration.
Cooking over an open fire should be the first option to consider. If conditions allow for a fire to be built relatively easy and safely contained, it is best to conserve you stove fuel for when it is not practical or possible to build a fire.
If your survival food supply consists of freeze-dried emergency survival food, your survival cooking needs, and skill level are not overly demanding; simply heat water, follow package instructions and enjoy.

Small backpacking stoves that burn solid fuels, wax, alcohol, or propane are perfect for heating water and food when you cannot, or do not want to use a fire. Survival cooking stoves may be operated in your tent or shelter, providing there is ample ventilation; Great for adverse weather conditions, or when you don't want to advertise your location to other people like campfire smoke will. Some of the more advanced stoves are designed to be operated at extremely high altitudes where a good fire may be hard to get going.
Survival cooking can even be fun if you have the right tools for the job. The more complete and efficiently assembled your survival cookware kit is; the more fun the task and broader the menu. Complete home cooked meals can easily be prepared from wild game, fish, and edible plants harvested on site with the proper cookware.
Survival cooking and food gathering skills should be practiced at every opportunity available. The experience gained will give you the confidence and ability to accomplish any survival cooking task. Outdoor survival guide books and manuals, cookbooks and recipes are great resources to give you instruction and helpful tips and advice on survival cooking.
On your next outing or adventure, or emergency survival situation, don't just cook to survive; cook to thrive!