Survival Bivy

A good Survival Bivy will add to your outdoor sleeping comfort and in extreme conditions, your survival. A bivy offers warm waterproof protection.
A good Survival Bivy offers warm waterproof protection most sleeping bags do not provide.
A survival bivy is simply an uninsulated water-resistant or waterproof bag that acts as an extra outer shell for your sleeping bag. It is built extra-long so you can completely and comfortably cover your whole head. Some even have an ultra-light compact frame system built into the top that is sort of like a miniature tent that covers your head. So cool!
Until recent years, the most common bivy used in the backcountry of the west have been the classic treated canvas "outfitter bedroll" type survival bivy. These work very well for hunting camp or the winter trapline, but they are heavy and bulky, so not a great choice if you have to pack it on your back for any distance.
The best all around survival bivy available these days is constructed of technologically advanced synthetic material such as nylon or polyurethane. Many are hybrids, combining different materials for the top and bottom. The best survival bivy for most occasions is "breathable" to allow perspiration to escape yet keep moisture from entering.
It is surprising how many people do not use or own a bivy. It is the perfect addition to your survival sleeping gear regardless of whether or not you are sleeping in a tent or outside under the stars. More often than not, our campsite is next to a body of water, be it a lake, river or stream. Even in summer, the dewfall near the water can be heavy enough to drench your sleeping bag if not protected inside a survival bivy.
Pick out your top quality survival bivy from our selection and try it out on your next outing. You will wonder why you waited so long!