Folding Survival Knives

Our Folding Survival Knives are reliable survival tools you should add to your outdoor survival gear. Conceal in your pocket or carry in a sheath.
Our Folding Survival Knives are reliable survival tools you should add to your outdoor survival gear. folding knives can more easily be concealed in your pocket for inconspicuous carry or can be carried in a sheath and worn on your belt or attached to the outside of your backpack.
While there are some exceptions, most of the survival gear products we carry are made in the U.S.A. All are supplied by well-known, reputable U.S. manufacturers we trust to provide us with products made of high-quality materials, properly fabricated and assembled, and perform as advertised. These Folding Survival Knives are no exception. When your survival is at stake you cannot afford to settle for sub-standard equipment. Get it here and know you are buying quality Folding Survival Knives you can comfortably place your trust in to perform the tasks for which it was designed for and assist in your survival.
For most uses, Folding Survival Knives with a blade lock feature are by far the better choice of knives to use. You can sustain severe injury using Folding Survival Knives that do not lock the blade in the open position. However, It is a good idea to carry a small penknife in your pocket, as it might serve better in performing some tasks - "micro-tasks", we will refer to them as than larger lock-blade Folding Survival Knives, but you must use great care using it so it does not close on your fingers.
Folding Survival Knives come in many different blade styles; some are general all-purpose blades, some are designed for a specific task or purpose. Obviously, most of these "specialty" blades can still be used for many things, but they are better for one specific use than another type might be.
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