Fixed Blade Survival Knives

Fixed Blade Survival Knives are the epitome of survival knives. Large, small, we have them all. The simplicity and functionality can't be beaten.
We love our fixed blade survival knives! If there is anything wrong with our selection, it could only be that we have too many to choose from! Check out these cool blades; we are sure you will agree.
From our huge jungle survival "Rambo" style knives down to our tiny little knives that fit inside a credit card size case and everything in between, you are sure to find the fixed blade survival knives you are looking for here.
Fixed blade survival knives are generally the simplest, most durable and reliable blades you can choose. Containing no moving parts or hinges, fixed blade knives are less likely to break or malfunction in some other way, like freezing or even rusting shut. Though not likely to happen with the high-quality folding knives we carry, extreme pressure on the blade can bend or break the locking mechanism and cause serious injury to your fingers and hands. This is not a factor with fixed blade survival knives. Care must still be taken, as any knife blade can be broken, especially under extreme conditions, but it is much less likely with a solid fixed blade. You can even chop wood with big heavy fixed blade survival knives without worrying about breaking it.
Fixed blade survival knives are contained in a sheath or scabbard to safely carry on your belt, attached to the outside of your backpack, or the underside of the dash in your truck. You can carry, mount or strap the sheath to nearly anything or anywhere you want.
The best knives by far for tactical use are fixed blade survival knives. We have lot's of different styles, designs, and sizes to choose from, and all made for fighting, wounding, maiming or killing attackers and other adversaries; even zombies.
Thank you for buying your survival gear from SurvivalGearShack.com. You are sure to appreciate the quality and functionality of our fixed blade survival knives in times you need it the most to survive.