Tactical Survival Backpacks

High-quality tactical survival backpacks are of a military design and built bulletproof tough to withstand extreme heavy duty use. Built for battle
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High-quality tactical survival backpacks are of a military design. They are built bulletproof tough for reliable service under extreme heavy duty use. After all, they are built to hold up in battle!
Tactical survival backpacks are very versatile due to the MOLLE Component system. MOLLE is the acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. This system is simply a gridwork of heavy duty web strapping on the outside that enables you to easily and quickly attach or remove various size pouches, holsters, magazine pouches, knife sheaths, canteens, or most any kind of gear you wish to secure to the outside of your tactical survival backpacks. Some will even feature MOLLE system straps in the interior of pack compartments, which really helps to keep things organized so you can find and access them quickly and easily. True Mil-Spec packs will also have quick-disconnect buckles on the shoulder straps to allow you to drop your pack in an instant. This can be a lifesaving feature.
Good quality tactical survival backpacks are generally more tough and durable than most standard duty recreational backpacks, or even most backpacks designed for hunting. However, just like many great things, there is one drawback to tactical survival backpacks. This extra durable heavy duty construction and MOLLE web strapping system do add some weight to the pack. This may be a small price to pay for short durations but is a factor that should be considered before investing in tactical survival backpacks intended for long hikes or extended trips.
While standard recreation and hunting backpacks will serve most uses and needs adequately, Tactical survival backpacks are better designed for bug-out, and will generally last longer and are definitely preferred for tactical or urban survival.
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