Survival Sleeping Gear Pads

Survival Sleeping Gear Pads provide added comfort and warmth to your sleeping gear system. Pads may be foam or air-filled, or a combination of both
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Survival Sleeping Gear Pads are a great addition to your outdoor sleeping gear system. There is a wide variety of pads to choose from. Some are simply closed cell or memory foam, others are air-filled. The better pads are a combination of both.
Survival Sleeping Gear Pads are highly versatile and may be used in conjunction with a cot, on the ground or in a truck bed or boat deck. There are several factors to consider when selecting the right type of pad for you.
The most affordable and simplest Survival Sleeping Gear Pads are those made of foam. These are typically referred to as "mats". The size and thickness should be determined by the intended use and your size, weight, and personal preference. Foam pads will generally last longer than air-filled pads which will eventually sustain a puncture or may even wear thru over time if heavily used. Foam Survival Sleeping Gear Pads are also more versatile in that they may serve other purposes such as padding for a seat or chair, or as padding for packing camping gear to protect fragile cargo and eliminate rattling and clanking of packed gear.
Survival Sleeping Gear Pads that utilize air for cushioning are by far the most popular these days, and for good reason. Whether sleeping on the ground or on a cot, air-filled pads not only provide better insulation from the cold but are adjustable in firmness by air content. Air pads that also incorporate the use of foam fill are self-inflating. Simply open the valve(s) and in a short period of time, the pad will "suck" in air as the foam expands to its normal shape and size. If more firmness is desired, simply pump or blow more air in to customize the firmness.
Survival Sleeping Gear Pads are available in different thicknesses. Here again, the thickness should be determined my such factors as where and how you intend to use it and your own personal comfort requirements. If you plan on sleeping on the ground you will want a thicker pad than if using a cot. That being said, if you have a strict space restriction such as you will most likely have if backpacking, you may not have the room to pack a thick pad.
Please browse our selection of Survival Sleeping Gear Pads for just the right pad to suit your needs. If you are looking for a particular brand or size you do not see here, please let us know and we will try to make it available to you.
Remember most of our Survival Sleeping Gear Pads are priced well below the manufacturers recommended sale price, and we will ship it for free!