Survival Sleeping Bags

Survival Sleeping Bags are essential survival gear you simply cannot do without. Get yours here today and sleep in comfort on your next adventure!
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Survival Sleeping Bags are essential survival gear you simply cannot do without. Unfortunately, choosing the right bag for you can be a difficult decision.
We to offer only good quality survival sleeping bags that will perform as advertised, and we endeavor to describe each product as accurately as possible to aid in your decision and provide a pleasant shopping experience.
Survival sleeping bags come in a wide variety of sizes and a few different shapes. Get one that is long enough to allow you to burrow down inside and be completely covered, and wide enough to comfortably move around a bit inside.
Mummy bags are the most popular these days, as they are generally more compact and light. Some folks might find mummy style survival sleeping bags too constrictive for comfort, in which case the better choice may be a rectangle bag that offers spacious leg and foot room. Another nice thing about rectangle bags is that two of them can be zipped together so you can sleep snuggled up to your significant other. Sweet!
The biggest and most difficult factor in your decision is the temperature zone the different survival sleeping bags are rated for. Most list a temperature range difference of 10 to 20 degrees. This is the temperature can simply survive in, not necessarily be comfortable in. If you only own one bag, it should be rated for at least 20 degrees lower than you would expect to ever use it in.
We recommend you use your survival sleeping bags inside a survival bivy. It will help retain body heat, compensating for an under-rated bag, and if your bag is too warm for the occasion, you can simply throw back the top of your sleeping bag, just using the bivy for covering; a great thing if the bugs are bad, and provides waterproof protection.
If the survival sleeping bags you choose do not have a flannel lining and you prefer to sleep in the buff or in skivvies, consider using a flannel sleeping bag liner which acts as a bedsheet. This will be more comfortable to your bare skin than nylon or polyester and will help prevent you from sweating. It also aids in keeping your bag clean inside.
We hope you enjoy browsing our selection of survival sleeping bags. Order yours today and we will promptly ship it right to your door at no extra cost to you. The competitive price you see is what you pay - not a cent more. Thank you for shopping here for your survival gear!