Survival Packs

These Survival Packs are frameless, lightweight backpacks intended for outings of one or two days in duration. Typically referred to as "daypacks".
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The Survival Packs here are frameless backpacks of different sizes and varying features. Typically referred to as "daypacks", These packs are intended to be used for day hikes, hunting, fishing, birding, bugout, or any other time you are on the move and need to bring extra clothing, equipment or rations along with you. The only real difference besides feature variations is the fact they typically have no internal or external frame. And, while some of these packs run on the large side, most tend to run small to medium in size, after all, that's the whole point and redeeming quality of day survival packs.
Most survival packs have multiple pouches and compartments that help keep things organized. Most are also hydration pack compatible. These will have a compartment made just for a water bladder, and access port, or hole to run the drinking tube through. In addition, there is usually a pocket or two made just for holding water bottles. Good survival packs also have plenty of webbing, loops and/or straps and buckles for attaching gear and clothing to the outside of the pack.
Survival Packs that have padded shoulder straps, padded waist belt, and a chest strap are preferred. Obviously, padding in the shoulder straps will be much more comfortable than unpadded straps, which will quickly sore your shoulders and even cut off the blood flow in the shoulder and arms. A waistbelt takes about half the weight off your shoulders and transfers it to your hips, making it easier to carry. Padding in the waist belt will make this more comfortable. A chest strap connects your shoulder straps together for increased comfort and to prevent the straps from slipping off your shoulder.
Many of our frame backpacks have survival packs built right into them. This is a great feature because it allows you the option of carrying the whole pack and all your gear or simply unzip or unbuckle the daypack component from the big pack and bring only what you need to go off for the day hiking, hunting, fishing, or what have you.
There are many different survival packs here with quite a few different features and configurations offered.
Please shop around and compare our different high-quality survival packs today, they are just what you are looking for!