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Survival Gear

The Survival Gear we sell here at SurvivalGearShack.com is of the best quality available. Survival gear you can depend upon when you need it most.
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The survival gear you find on this page is an assortment of miscellaneous gear that is unique, or that do not have enough selections to justify dedicating to a separate category.

Some of this survival gear is designed for a specific purpose or function, and some are multi-purpose. The type of gear that is best for you will depend upon what your anticipated needs may be, and how much survival gear you have room for or can comfortably carry.

While browsing through our collection, keep in mind the kind of activities and conditions you might encounter, and your space and weight restrictions.

You will also want to compare the different products and the various functions or purposes they might serve. It is usually considered to be a good idea to have a backup tool for the most important survival gear in your pack or kit. At the top of this list should be a good knife (you will find these in the "Tools" Category), fire starting tools or kit, water filter("Water" Category), light, and a compass. Your list may be bigger than this, but these are really the most important items you will need. Your collection of survival gear should contain some multiple use items that provide backup to your primary tools.

A leatherman type multi-tool is a great backup for your knife and also offers many other functions. Some knives have a compass and dry storage space in the handle - a perfect place to keep waterproof matches and tinder, even a couple bandaids. Some knife sheaths have fire steel or flint built into them, some have sharpeners built in. Some multiple use tools may sport a cutting blade of some sort and even a penlight light. The list goes on.

The primary goal is to assemble a streamlined, highly efficient arsenal of survival gear that will compliment each other to provide you with double protection for your most critical survival needs.

Thank you for shopping for your survival gear at SurvivalGearShack.com.