Survival Frame Packs

Survival frame packs help ease your burden and add to your comfort. A frame pack distributes your load evenly and holds more gear inside and out.
Survival Frame Packs are just what you need for multi-day outdoor adventures or long-term bug out. A frame supports the pack holding it up making it easier to load and unload and allows you to better utilize the space. It also makes it easier to keep your gear organized and easy to find. Survival frame packs help distribute the weight of your load evenly and keep the contents stored where you put it, and enable you to carry more weight than frameless packs.
Survival Frame Packs are comfortable to carry when the weight is balanced and distributed evenly. Good quality survival frame packs will have wide thickly padded shoulder straps that help absorb the shock of each step you take. There should be "sternum" strap that connects them together so they stay in place on your shoulders without sliding off.
Good survival frame packs will have a wide heavily padded waistband. This is an extremely valuable accessory. If used and adjusted properly it will take half your loads weight off your shoulders and transfers it to your hips, which reduces shoulder and back aches and pains. A very wide thickly padded belt distributes the weight and pressure of your load across a wider area of your hips preventing soreness and restricted blood flow.
Survival frame packs utilize either an internal type frame or external type frame. The choice of which to use is much a matter of personal preference, there are a couple minor advantages and disadvantages to each type. External frames are generally preferred for most multi-day backpacking or trekking adventures. Most are a little more versatile due to the fact you can easily strap gear, clothing, sleeping bags and other large bulky items to the outside of the pack. This really increases your load capacity limits.
Disadvantages of an external frame are they are a bit bulkier and tend to catch on tree branches if in thick timber or on an uncleared trail. and they are noisier. If are in thick brush or timber, or simply wish to be stealthy and quiet, an internal frame is probably a better choice, as they are more streamlined with fewer things to get caught on brush and trees, and there is no exposed portion of the frame to make contact noisy contact with trees and rocks and such.
Frames of survival frame packs can be made of aluminum, titanium, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and various types of plastic. No matter the material they are constructed of, they are lightweight and strong and will stand up to the sometimes brutal punishment they are dealt.
If you have a need for survival frame packs you have come to the right place. Our packs will take a world of weight off your shoulders and help you carry your load. Buy one today and we will ship it free!