Best Survival Tents

We believe the best survival tents should be of good quality, light, quick and easy to pack and carry. That's what sets these apart from the rest.
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We believe the best survival tents should be of good quality, compact and lightweight to enable you to easily carry your survival shelter with you wherever you may want or need to go.

Obviously, the best survival tents for backpacking or long distance trekking are the tents designed for those purposes. The tents listed here all weigh four pounds or less, to as much as ten pounds.

There are other factors to consider besides weight when shopping for the best survival tents. First of all, what you expect to use it for, how often and for what length of time, and under what conditions or circumstances should be determined. Is the tent just going to be packed away in your emergency bug out pack, or will you be using it for recreational purposes?

Other determining factors would include your party size and anticipated sleeping arrangements. Our best survival tents come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and designed to accommodate from one to four people. If there are four in your group, it might make better sense to bring one four man tent rather than four one man tents. Loads may be distributed evenly among each party member. Some of the "higher end" four person tents weigh less than and pack nearly as small as a lower priced one person tent. That may reduce the total weight and space required by as much as 75%. These might be the best survival tents for groups.

Modern technology has given manufacturers the ability to produce the best survival tents imaginable. The ultra lightweight material is unbelievably durable and weather resistant, and the designs and methods of assembly used, ensure long lasting and reliable service. That being said, most great things have at least one flaw; that being aluminum tent poles. Most of the high-end ultra-light tents these days have aluminum poles which weigh a bit less than fiberglass. You must be more careful with them, as the are not as durable as fiberglass, and more difficult to repair on the spot.

The best survival tents will be highly portable and lightweight so you can be mobile and better able to adapt to a change in environment, plans or circumstances. Get the best survival tents here and be prepared to mobilize.